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About Library

The library building is located in a prime area of the campus; the campus map highlights the location of the library at the main gate of the college campus. The rules and regulations of the library are published in the college handbook, the websites of the college and that of the library. The library staff provide special assistance to the disabled students. The system of open access to the collection of books is adopted.

The Central Library has a ground floor and mezzanine floor with a total area of 10423.84 Sq.ft. It consists of areas such as lounge area, relaxed reading, reference, e-learning, reprographic services, book shelving, staff area, and utility areas for specific purposes like store, toilet etc. Besides these facilities in the central library it has extension centers in the Departments of Physics, Zoology and English.

  • Working hours : 8.30 am to 5 pm on all days except on Sundays and Public Holidays.

  • Library holdings: Print (Books,):69263, Non Print (Microfiche, AV):826 ,E-books.462570.,
    E-journals 19619..and Databases 17

  • Institutional Membership: INFLIBNET-N-LIST, DELNET, National Digital Library(NDL), E- shodhaganga, E-shodhsindhu

Library Automation

Library is fully automated with LIBSOFT- an Integrated Library Management Software (ILMS) which provides a very user-friendly interface for searching documents (OPAC) available in the library and their issue-status.. It provides a very user-friendly interface for searching books available in the library and their issue status. The Web-OPAC is available at the library portal www.miclibrary.org through remote access facility.

Server computer with latest configuration, Laser Printer, Plastic coated Labels for Barcode, Bar code Reader, General Scanner, etc are used for in-house functions. High bandwidth (10mbps) Wi-fi, Networked Computers for public access are used for accessing OPAC, Circulation Status, access to e-resources, etc.

Automated Gate Register facilities of the software manage the daily visits to the library and provide usage statistics on all categories of visitors.

Access to Library Collection

The Web-OPAC is available at the library portal www.miclibrary.org through remote access facility

Services: Besides the traditional services, library provides the following services

  • D-space Digital Repository (institutional documents, college annuals,, academic reports, major events, publication of various departments, photos and videos of major events, etc. since the inception of the college),which is available in the LAN

  • Orientation Programmes for the users.

  • Book Exhibition

  • New Arrival Display

  • Student Publication Corner

  • Individual login/ passwords are given to users for accessing UGC INFLIBNET-N-LIST resources

  • Research Promotional activities: Workshops, Awareness classes on Plagiarism, software URKUND and TURNITIN, Training on Reference management Software, Preparation of Citation Report of the Institution.

Rare books and Archives

Library has a rich collection of rare books and encyclopaedia with archival values, books of International, National and Regional importance, Indian Culture and History.

It also has an exclusive collection of 1600 rare books published before 1950, including 300 books published in 19th Century. Library tries to build its collection of rare books and archives through donations. For the last five years the library has inducted 650 rare and special reference books including Science and Religion.

Special Reports:

Library has 920 Handbooks, Reports and Manuals of which 217 have archival values including Princely States, Government of India, Commissions, University Reports etc.

Journal Archives:

There are 8500 number of Journal back volumes in print which include bound volumes of National Geographic Magazine Collection 1935- 1947 (Vol.68 to 92) and Readers’ Digest.

Digital Repository Collection:

Collection includes the college annuals, handbooks, academic reports, major events, publication of various departments, databank of faculty and staff members since the inception of the college, photos and videos of major events, etc. which are available in the LAN.

Abstract Repository:

The abstracts of the theses, minor/major project reports, conference proceedings, etc available in www.miclibrary.org/digital repository

South Asian Archives:

The South Asia Archive is a specialist digital platform of culturally and historically significant literary material produced from within - and about - the Indian subcontinent. Following Archives are available

  • Journals: More than two hundred journals in a range of subjects published from India and South Asia, including early journals such as Asiatic Researchers (first published in 1788), Indian Review, Modern Review, and Calcutta Gazette. There is also an array of vernacular journals such as: Bharatbarsha, Prabasi, Manasi, and Sachitra.

  • Reports: A diverse collection of reports from colonial and post-colonial India, including volumes of the 1901, 1911, 1931, and 1951 Indian Census documents, and the near complete set of Calcutta Riots of 1946 Gazetteers from a range of Indian states such as Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharastra are also available.

  • Books: An extensive range of books consisting of series such as The Bibliotheca Indica, a collection of oriental works published by the Asiatic Society of Bengal. It includes translations of the Upanishads, commentaries on Sanskrit grammatical, philosophical, and legal treatises, and such works as the Suddhikaumudi, a Sanskrit treatise on Hindu laws of defilement and purification.

  • Legislations, Acts, Regulations, law books/cases: A rich collection of legislations, Acts, regulations, and case documents from the colonial period, invaluable for any work on colonial Indian history.

  • Indian film booklets, 1930–1949: Rare publicity booklets in a mixture of English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali languages. Highlights from the collection include: Mukti, Street Singer, My Sister, Devdas and Sita. Each booklet includes lists of the film's cast and leading technical personnel, a plot summary, photographs of the lead actors or key moments in the film, and song lyrics.

  • CD/DVD Collection: World tourist destinations, Folk arts of Kerala, Culture and Tourism.

Meet Our Staffs

Group of agile people behind the smooth functioning of the library everyday.

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Dr. Beenamole T

Librarian (UGC)

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Library Assistant

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Library Assistant

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Gilbert Mani

Library Assistant

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